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Hello! I’m Mithun, your UX partner

A dedicated professional with 5+ YOE as a UX Designer in agile environments. I highly value the ability to bring the client's vision to life, which is very rewarding.

As a Google Certified UX designer, I believe inclusive design solutions are the most valuable future digital resources.

Design without purpose is called decoration.

Currently working as UX Tech Lead in SEAANT Web Technologies.
We design and deliver for the People and Business


Crafting experiences that captivate, elevate the your user's journey with my UX Services!

The strength of a product's UX design determines its success. A well-designed product will attract, convert, and retain target audiences while building brand. We optimize your website's user experience, enhancing usability, engagement, and conversion rates. Let us create a seamless and intuitive digital journey for your users.

Enhance your website's user experience with our expert UX services. We prioritize seamless navigation, engaging interactions, and user-centric design to create a captivating digital journey for your audience.

The Interaction Design is about designing the interactions when the user use the product 'at the moment' so that user has a pleasant experience.

Our Interaction Design service focuses on designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for websites. We employ user research, wireframing, prototyping, and iterative testing to ensure optimal usability and engaging interactions.

We provide comprehensive Design System services. Our expertise includes creating modular design components, guidelines, and documentation to ensure consistent and efficient design across your digital products and platforms.

Our Information Architecture services streamline the organization and structure of your website's content. We conduct in-depth research, analyze user needs, and create intuitive navigation systems, ensuring an optimized and user-friendly digital experience.

Our UX Research services offer valuable insights into user behaviors, needs, and preferences. Through methods like user interviews, surveys, and usability testing, we gather data to inform design decisions and create user-centered experiences that drive engagement and satisfaction.

Our Usability Study services evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your website or product's usability. Through user testing, task analysis, and observation, we identify usability issues, gather user feedback, and provide actionable recommendations for improving the overall user experience.

Recent Works

Here is a glimpse of my recent projects. Though the most cutting-edge ones remain confidential, keeping innovation at its utmost elegance.

India’s first digital platform for all your hearing needs

Healthcare Technology

Copenhagen Shore Excursion

Travel Technology

Party Planner. Create and Host events

Social Technology

Thai Influencer’s Market Place for selling

Retail Technology

Online Resume Builder

HR Technology

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