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Retail Technology


To enhance the event planning experience, making it easier for hosts to create and manage invitations, track RSVPs, and communicate with guests, thereby streamlining the entire event planning process.

Target Audience

Fashion enthusiasts, Followers of fashion influencers, Online shoppers and Influencers and content creators

Need & Solutions
  • Fashion inspiration: Curated fashion content and lookbooks
  • Convenient shopping experience: User-friendly mobile app with intuitive navigation
  • Trusted influencer recommendations: Verified influencer partnerships and endorsements
  • Access to exclusive fashion products: Limited edition or exclusive product releases
  • Personalized fashion suggestions: AI-driven algorithms for personalized product recommendations
  • Analytics to track marketing effectiveness: Analytics dashboard with key performance metrics
  • Discovery of emerging fashion trends: Trend alerts and fashion industry news updates
  • Engagement with like-minded fashion enthusiasts: Community features for user interaction and discussions
  • Simplified influencer-product collaboration process: Collaboration tools for influencers and fashion brands to connect.
  • Seamless social media integration: Integration with popular social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, etc.)

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